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Legal Notice

1. Utilization of the Website

The utilization of this Website (Sakhalia Net by Sakhalia Net Project) implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every of the conditions established in this Legal Notice, so if you (the user) do not agree with any of them you should not continue accessing any of the Websites owned by Sakhalia Net Project. Also we reserve the right to modify this Legal Notice at any moment. The reiterated utilization of any area of this Website after the notification of such modifications would constitute the tacit acceptance of such changes.

2. Protection of Personal Data

In generic compliance with international laws for personal data protection, Sakhalia Net Project, as responsible for one or more MySQL Databases, informs the user about the following considerations:

Any personal information requested to the user will be incorporated into a Database whose purpose is to offer the services related to the website, which may range from user autentication to improvements of usability, among many others. Those form fields marked with a symbol [+] are of mandatory fulfillment, being impossible to carry out the expressed purpose without being delivered the requested information. The user is made aware as well of the possibility to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of his personal data, by means of one of these options or all of them: the form interfaces of the Website, the contact form or the electronic mail address [ ]

To use certain services or to access certain contents some personal data could be requested, which would be used solely for the purpose of providing the corresponding service. As a general principle, this Website will not share personal data with third parties, except when authorized by the proprietor or in the following cases:

a) When the data has been gathered from sources available to the general public.

b) When the treatment of data corresponds to a free and legitimate acceptance of a juridical relation whose development, compliance and control necessarily implies the connection of such treatment with Databases owned by third parties. In this case the communication will be legitimate inasmuch as it is limited to the purpose that justifies it.

c) When the cession is authorized by Law, or when it is requested by a competent authority following the compliance of the corresponding legal procedure, to protect the rights of the users against criminal acts.

The user must be aware that if he reveals personal information in any public area of a Website such information might be gathered and used by other people. Sakhalia Net Project cannot control the actions of its users and visitors.

The requested information, either mandatory or optional, might include, inter alia, fields such as: full name, birth date, geographical location, place of residence, electronic mail address, telephone, information of the identification card and bank account.

On the other hand, the information gathered by services from third parties - common in the vast majority of Websites - includes, inter alia, fields such as: geographical location, personal interests, browsing habits, device signatures, profession and sex. It is not considered data communication the access to data from a third party when such access is necessary for the deliverance of a service to those responsible for the treatment. This data will be treated as well with confidentiality by those responsible for the Database.

The administration of the Website reserves the right to selectively delete stored information, either to evade technical limitations imposed by the providers of web hosting or because of other reasons. Besides, we reserve the right to eliminate without prior notice the whole Website and all the information stored in the associated Database, if there is any.

3. About Cookies

Cookies are small data files that are generated in the electronic devices of users and visitors as requested by server applications. These files send data from the client devices to the server, without providing references that could allow to deduce personal data stored in them. The information gathered has purposes such as customizing the advertising content, offering social media functions and analyzing the traffic of a Website. The information regarding how the visitors use this Website could be automatically shared with the associated companies that provide the advertising, social media and traffic analysis services. You can configure your browser to notify and refuse the installation of any Cookies sent by this website, without prejudice to the access to its contents. However, we are not responsible if the deactivation impedes the proper operation of the Website for the user.

The following are the different types of Cookies (all of them managed by third parties, such as Google or Facebook) that can be found on the Websites operated by Sakhalia Net Project:

a) Google Adsense is an advertising network that analyzes the preferences of its potential customers, their demographics, traffic patterns and other information that helps to better understand which social groups constitute its audience and what they demand. The tracking of the preferences of Google users helps to deliver more relevant advertising content. You can visit the Google Privacy Policy to know more. To manage the Cookies that Google Adsense use to create a profile based in your browsing historial, you can visit the Google Adsense Configuration and disable the desired options.

b) Google Analytics is a tool that allows to gather basic information regarding how visitors use the Website. All the data served is generic and never reveals sensible information, such as IP addresses or other personal data. Devices, operating systems, browsers, search terms, traffic sources, pages seen, estimated time spent on the Website, geographical location and demographical statistics are some of the data fields gathered. Besides, the sex and age of those that use Google services can be estimated from their browsing habits.

c) Social buttons of diverse social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others). You can check the Privacy Policy of any of these companies to keep abreast of their terms.

d) The rest of the Website (the areas created, administered and owned exclusively by Sakhalia Net Project) do not make use of any particular Cookie to register the activity of the users and visitors. This excludes those temporal Cookies automatically created by browsers to allow the utilization of generic internet functions (such as forms).

The utilization of this Website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each of the aforementioned Cookies. Whereby, those users and visitors that do not agree with these conditions should not access this Website.