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Aircraft Firepower Comparator (Fighter WW2)

This program calculates a simple estimation of the effectiveness of the guns installed on a given fighter aircraft. The calculation is made by taking into account the most fundamental aspects of a gun created with the purpose of destroying or damaging aircraft of any size. The program accepts up to eight gunfire batteries to be calculated, thus allowing complex layouts to be calculated. Values for Battery #1 are required, the rest are optional.

Below there is a list showing the values for many well-known historical fighter aircraft, including some heavy ones. Note that heavy and normal fighters belong to different leagues and should not be compared the ones with the others, but only among their peers. The higher the number, the higher the gun firepower installed in that aircraft.

Instant firepower accounts for how much damage the aircraft can deliver in a given moment, while logistic firepower accounts for how much ammunition the aircraft has available for each different caliber; the higher the caliber, the higher the ammunition scores for a given amount. Dates can correspond to commisionning or be posterior.

PHP application by Sakhalia Net Project

Number of cannons:
Caliber (millimeters):
Muzzle speed (meters per second):
Rate of fire (rounds per minute):

Jet fighter Hawker Hunter (1956)
Firepower (instant): 151.9
Firepower (logistic): 67.9
Piston heavy fighter He-219 A-7 Uhu (1945)
Firepower (instant): 72
Firepower (logistic): 141.4
Piston heavy fighter Me Bf-110 G-4B R3 (1945)
Firepower (instant): 56.3
Firepower (logistic): 113.6
Piston heavy fighter P-61B Black Widow (1944)
Firepower (instant): 53.5
Firepower (logistic): 107
Jet fighter Me-262 Schwalbe (1945)
Firepower (instant): 49.6
Firepower (logistic): 50.9
Piston heavy fighter Mosquito F Mk II (1941)
Firepower (instant): 43.6
Firepower (logistic): 65.6
Jet fighter F-86 Sabre (1949)
Firepower (instant): 40.6
Firepower (logistic): 40.6
Piston fighter Fw-190 A-7 (1944)
Firepower (instant): 40.5
Firepower (logistic): 56.6
Piston fighter Spiteful Mk XIV (1945)
Firepower (instant): 39.6
Firepower (logistic): 30.2
Jet fighter MiG-15 (1949)
Firepower (instant): 38.5
Firepower (logistic): 21.9
Piston fighter P-47D Thunderbolt (1943)
Firepower (instant): 36.1
Firepower (logistic): 86.1
Piston fighter (cannons) F4U Corsair (1944)
Firepower (instant): 35.5
Firepower (logistic): 58.1
Piston fighter La-9 (1947)
Firepower (instant): 31.5
Firepower (logistic): 24.9
Piston fighter Re-2005 Sagittario (1943)
Firepower (instant): 29.2
Firepower (logistic): 52.3
Piston fighter Fw Ta 152 (1945)
Firepower (instant): 28.1
Firepower (logistic): 30.7
Piston fighter Spitfire Mk XIV (1944)
Firepower (instant): 27.6
Firepower (logistic): 27.7
Piston fighter P-51D Mustang (1944)
Firepower (instant): 27.1
Firepower (logistic): 47.6
Piston fighter (machine guns) F4U Corsair (1943)
Firepower (instant): 27.1
Firepower (logistic): 60.8
Piston heavy fighter P-38L Lightning (1944)
Firepower (instant): 26.9
Firepower (logistic): 60.1
Piston fighter Fw-190 D-9 (1944)
Firepower (instant): 24.7
Firepower (logistic): 56.6
Piston fighter (Type 24 cannons) Polikarpov I-16 (1939)
Firepower (instant): 24
Firepower (logistic): 34.5
Piston heavy fighter Me Bf-110 C-4 (1937)
Firepower (instant): 23.9
Firepower (logistic): 70.4
Piston fighter J2M Raiden (1942)
Firepower (instant): 22.6
Firepower (logistic): 50.3
Piston fighter D520 (1940)
Firepower (instant): 20.3
Firepower (logistic): 27.6
Piston fighter IAR 81C (1942)
Firepower (instant): 19.9
Firepower (logistic): 37.8
Piston fighter Ki-84 Hayate (1943)
Firepower (instant): 18.9
Firepower (logistic): 36.6
Piston fighter Yak-9D (1944)
Firepower (instant): 18.8
Firepower (logistic): 16.2
Piston fighter VL Myrsky (1944)
Firepower (instant): 18
Firepower (logistic): 25.1
Piston fighter (Type 24) Polikarpov I-16 (1939)
Firepower (instant): 17.4
Firepower (logistic): 35.9
Piston fighter Me Bf-109 G-6 (1943)
Firepower (instant): 16.9
Firepower (logistic): 36.7
Piston fighter MS 406 (1939)
Firepower (instant): 15
Firepower (logistic): 9.1
Piston fighter He-112 B (1937)
Firepower (instant): 14.7
Firepower (logistic): 17.4
Piston fighter A6M2 Reisen (1940)
Firepower (instant): 14.4
Firepower (logistic): 16.9
Piston fighter (Type 10) Polikarpov I-16 (1935)
Firepower (instant): 12.5
Firepower (logistic): 28.3
Piston fighter MiG-3 (1941)
Firepower (instant): 10.8
Firepower (logistic): 21.3
Piston fighter Mc-202 Folgore (1941)
Firepower (instant): 8.5
Firepower (logistic): 18.9
Piston fighter Hawker Hurricane Mk I (1937)
Firepower (instant): 7.9
Firepower (logistic): 24.9
Piston fighter Fiat G50 (1940)
Firepower (instant): 5.6
Firepower (logistic): 15.2
Piston fighter Avia B-534 (1936)
Firepower (instant): 4.4
Firepower (logistic): 10.8
Piston fighter Fokker DXXI (1937)
Firepower (instant): 3.3
Firepower (logistic): 14.9