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Sakhal's profile

Real Name: Master Sakhal

Location: Baikonur (Kazakhstan)

Birthday: 1980-03-11


Sakhal is an entity that roams on the internet, extracting information from it and using it to create diverse products that will travel to the internet for the greatest glory of their creator. His hobbies and occupations have been diverse along the eons: game programming, web programming and design, graphical edition and design, digital music composition, drawing and painting, woodcrafts...

To some extent, creativity became an end on itself rather than a medium to achieve something in return. There is no space for specialization; creativity wants to encompass everything, and drags the creator into a world of - sometimes - maddening challenges. Sakhal has no face, no homeland and no religion. Only ideals of pure creativity are allowed to represent him in the virtual space.


Since several years ago, this website and its different sections have demanded a lot of work. During the last year the amount of content posted has been minimal because of the diverse professional obligations, mainly in the arid world of crowd working, which Sakhalia Net Project has to attend for fulfilling its maintenance. Lately, this website has undergone some revisions to improve the quality of its interface, its content and its logical systems, and to fix the many errors that often go unnoticed in a website of such large size and diversity. As 2018 sings a bitter farewell on its way to hell, the newest additions are:

Entity Size Comparator :: This PHP application allows to compare the size of many military elements whose profile blueprints have been added to its data list.

Aces of Aviation :: This thematic series presents 61 legendary aircraft shown through multiple-view blueprints.

How to support this project

I have been upgrading the PHP application which you are right now using. It is based in a collection of programming libraries which have been improved along the years, and which are called the Kashtan [natural] framework. Natural, because unlike other different implementations of a framework, this one uses native PHP code. The different programs which have been implemented through this framework are available for selling under really low prices.

User registered: 2014-03-14
User active: 2020-07-28

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