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American Locomotives

* UP stands for Union Pacific Railroad
* GM (EMD) stands for General Motors (Electro-Motive Division)
* BM&LPRR stands for Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad
* MWCR stands for Mount Washington Cog Railway

American locomotive DD40AX Do-Do 1969

UP "Centennial" Class DD40AX, wheel arrangement Do-Do, year 1969

American locomotive Railcar Bo-Bo 1969

Penn Central metroliner car, wheel arrangement Bo-Bo, year 1969

American locomotive SD40-2 Co-Co 1972

GM (EMD) SD40-2, wheel arrangement Co-Co, year 1972

American locomotive E60C Co-Co 1973

BM&LPRR E60C, wheel arrangement Co-Co, year 1973

American locomotive F40 PH Bo-Bo 1977

Chicago Regional Transportation Authority Class F40 PH, wheel arrangement Bo-Bo, year 1977

American locomotive AEM-7 Bo-Bo 1980

Amtrak Class AEM-7, wheel arrangement Bo-Bo, year 1980

American locomotive SD-50 Co-Co 1982

GM (EMD) SD-50, wheel arrangement Co-Co, year 1982

American locomotive Tip Top 1983

MWCR rack locomotive Tip Top, year 1983

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