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1. About Sakhalia Net Project

Sakhalia Net Project is an enterprise of independent development, aimed to the creation, refinement and publishing of high quality textual and graphical content. Not only our large collection contains much material that has not been published in the internet so far, but also we provide a degree of ordering and categorization that many publishing sources lack. We are as well developers of software that we use for enhancing the experience of those that explore our content network.

2. Policy on Content Usage

The texts published by Sakhalia Net Project in any of the websites operated by this mark are intellectual property of the Sakhalia Net Content Network, and under no circumstance should they be published (specially without any modifications) in other websites or media without express permission from the author. When this one is granted, the texts that are published in third party sources should include a proper credit to the Sakhalia Net Project/Content Network.

The illustrations (which are not photographs) provided by this website are intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Sakhalia Net Project is not responsible of any consequences derived from the utilization of these images, in any commercial or lucrative project, without prior permission from Sakhalia Net Project or other copyright holders. Websites that take profit from an advertising program are included in this definition. Whoever wants to use these illustrations, even for non-commercial purposes, shall give credit, through a functional link, to the website or website's section where such images are displayed, or alternatively to the Sakhalia Net Project/Content Network/Graphics Division. This rule applies even when pictures do not include a copyright text embedded on them.

Sakhalia Net Project generally discourages the republishing of its material in other websites. This includes the practice known as hotlinking, which drains bandwith from the host server. The user should understand that the misuse of any information provided, when resulting in a direct prejudice against any of our websites (as for instance when outranking it in the search engines because of duplicated content), shall be likely detected and proper actions could be taken against the offenders.

3. Responsible Behavior

Any information that users provide to any of our websites should be truthful. Hence, the user is responsible of the autenticity of any data that is provided when filling any of the forms that are required to access some services in a website. The user shall be the only responsible person for inaccurate or false statements, and for the possible harm that these could cause either to our websites or any third parties. In any case, Sakhalia Net Project shall not be responsible for any fraud committed by its users.

As the user must act in a responsible way, this includes to treat respectfully the websites, their users and any third parties. It will not be allowed the publishing of contents that are offensive, degrading, repulsive or obscene, either as textual or graphic form. Besides, it is strictly forbidden the utilization of more than one account per user in the scope of a given website. Sakhalia Net Project reserves its right to punish these behaviors as it considers most appropriate.

4. Inactivity

Data stored in a database must be subject to periodic cleaning. This is necessary because available space is greatly limited, both in a database and in a file system where those materials uploaded by users are stored. Because of this, any user accounts that remain inactive during one year shall be deleted when necessary. To renew the activity date it will suffice with starting a session on the website. Also those messages exchanged between users will be automatically deleted after a certain period (currently 180 days).

5. Fees

The utilization of the Sakhalia Net Content Network is currently free of charge, however Sakhalia Net Project reserves its right to change its usage policies as it considers most convenient. Professional services provided by Sakhalia Net Project shall be paid through PayPal.

6. Quality of Service

Being the Sakhalia Net Content Network a free of charge service, Sakhalia Net Project reserves its right to limit the prestations of the technical systems as much as it considers convenient. Requests from the users to increase the prestations shall be taken into consideration only if they suit well the requirements of Sakhalia Net Project. Any demands from the users shall be answered in a reasonable time span as long as this is possible.