Australian gaff cutter Acrospire III
The Australian gaff cutter Acrospire III (dubbed "Little Ack"), is shown in this photograph sailing at high speed at Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. Built in 1923, she is a very fast yacht, yet easily driven, extremely docile and light on the helm, which in the past has been sailed in 20-30 knots and gybed in these conditions, but her current owner prefer to sail in winds under 20 knots. The ship was completely restored during two years and relaunched in 1997. The specifications are: overall length, 18 meters; beam, 2.5 meters; draft, 2.2 meters; displacement, 8 tonnes.

American ketch Karenita
Launched at Boston in 1929, the Marconi-type ketch Karenita was property of Errol Flynn and received aboard some of the brightest Hollywood stars. The ship was restored during the 1980s and currently remains in an impeccable condition. Karenita competes in the classic circuits in the Mediterranean and possesses an interesting amount of trophies, for she is a fast ship, very capable of achieving victory. The specifications are: length, 23 meters; beam, 4.5 meters; draft, 3.1 meters; displacement, 46 tonnes; sail area, 635 square meters; engine, one Yanmar of 140 horsepower; speed, 8-9 knots.

Dutch sloop Zwerver II
The Bermuda-type sloop Zwerver II was launched in Holland in 1956. She immediately began to demonstrate her winning ways, taking first place in that year's Fastnet Race. She was one of the most appreciated sail ships in Netherlands, and many of the best crews of that country sailed on her. However, in the decade of 1970 she became outdated and was transferred to the Mediterranean to be used as a charter yacht. After a long sailing career of 40 years, the Zwerver II was restored in the year 2000. The specifications are: length, 17.3 meters; beam, 3.6 meters; draft, 2.4 meters; displacement, 19 tonnes; sail area, 125 square meters; engine, one Yanmar Turbo Diesel of 75 horsepower; speed, 6-8 knots.

New Zealander sailing yacht Fidelis
The 61-feet (18.5 meters) Bermuda-type yacht Fidelis, built for Auckland jeweller Vic Speight in 1962, was one of the greatest racing sail ships of her time. She put an end to the 30-year lasting reign of her counterpart Ranger in the waters of New Zealand.

British gaff cutter Chloe May
Launched in Fowey (United Kingdom) in 1982, the 40-feet (12 meters) gaff cutter Chloe May was built in a completely traditional style, with a wooden hull and a gaff rig. The specifications are: hull length, 12.85 meters; overall length, 17 meters; beam, 3.96 meters; draft, 2.13 meters; displacement, 17 tonnes; engine, one Diesel Ford of 85 horsepower.

Dutch sailing yacht Sapphire
The classic sailing yacht Sapphire was designed by naval architect Andre Hoek and built by Dutch shipyard Jachtbouw in 1996. Her traditional design boasts elegant sweeping lines and a generous layout; she can accommodate up to eight charter guests in four en-suite cabins and includes luxury salon and dining room, being all the lounges furnitured in wood. The dining room is located in the casemate before the cockpit, the main salon is located before the dining room, and the cabins are located at prow. The specifications are: overall length, 31.24 meters; beam, 6.77 meters; draft, 3.4 meters; displacement, 95 tonnes; sail area, 529 square meters; engine, one Deutz of 368 horsepower; cruising speed, 9 knots; crew, 5.

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