Close view on classic sailing yachtes

This second part of the article shows some details on ships of this genre, including diagrams and photos of the interiors, as well as different external elements.

Zwerver II sloop - Cutaway
Cutaway diagram showing the internal distribution on the sloop Zwerver II, launched in Holland in 1956. The specifications are: length, 17.3 meters; beam, 3.6 meters; draft, 2.4 meters; displacement, 19 tonnes; engine, one Yanmar Turbo Diesel of 75 horsepower; cruising speed, 6 knots.

Brilliant schooner - Cutaway
Cutaway diagram showing the internal distribution on the schooner Brilliant, launched in New York in 1932. The specifications are: length, 18.75 meters; beam, 4.47 meters; draft, 2.7 meters; displacement, 30 tonnes; engine, one 353 Detroit Diesel of 93 horsepower; cruising speed, 6.5 knots.

Brilliant schooner - Salon
The salon on the schooner Brilliant, which currently serves as a museum ship at Mystic Seaport.

Dorade yawl - Cutaway
Cutaway diagram showing the internal distribution on the yawl Dorade, launched in New York in 1930. The specifications are: length, 16.02 meters; beam, 3.13 meters; draft, 2.5 meters; displacement, 16.8 tonnes; engine, one Yanmar 3GM30 of 30 horsepower; cruising speed, 7.5 knots.

Dorade yawl - Salon
Interior of the yawl Dorade, which currently continues participating in competitions, after being restored in Italy in 1997.

Wild Horses sailing yacht - Kitchen
The kitchen in the Wild Horses, a 22.8-meter long W-class sailing yacht launched in New York in 1998, imitating the style of those built on the early 20th century.

Heather sloop - Kitchen
The traditional kitchen installed on the Heather, a 12-ton Gauntlet-class sloop launched in United Kingdom in 1935, and restored six decades later in the same country.

Lona II sloop - Salon
Interior, preserved on its original condition, of the small sloop (9.6 meters long) Lona II, designed in 1905 by J. Pain Clark.

The Lady Anne sailing yacht - Salon
The salon of the racing yacht The Lady Anne, launched in 1912. She is one of the only four surviving from the twenty yachts of the 15 Metre class that were built between 1907 and 1917 (the others being Tuiga, Hispania and Mariska). 15 Metre does not refer to the length of the ships, but to their rating; the overall length of these ships is close to 30 meters. These four ships are now dedicated to competitions in the Mediterranean.

Acrospire III gaff cutter - Interior
Despite reaching 15 meters in length, the gaff cutter Acrospire III has very few volume under the water, which makes her a very fast racing yacht. For competition purposes, she was divested of any internal element and under the deck there is space just for sitting.

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