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SS Bore III passenger liner (1952) High resolution picture

The SS Bore III, built in a Swedish shipyard in 1952, was a Finnish ferry boat which covered the route between Stockholm and Turku or Helsinki. This motor ship had accommodation for 63 passengers in first class, 185 in tourist class and 169 on the weather deck. There were a dining room, a smoking room and a bar for first-class passengers in the fore section of the superstructure, while in the rear part there were a tourist-class cafe and a resting deck. The fore funnel was not such, but actually a cabin occupied by the shipowner. The Bore III carried eight life boats which could accommodate fifty persons each, and her prow was reinforced to be able to break moderately thick ice caps.

Class: 1 unit

Type: Passenger liner

Length: 90.77 meters

Beam: 14.26 meters

Height: N/A

Draught: 5 meters

Displacement: N/A

Tonnage (gross register): 2257 tonnes

Propulsion: 1 x shaft, 1 x steam turbine, 4 x boiler, 3300 horsepower

Speed (service): 15 knots (27.8 kilometers/hour)

Range: N/A

Complement: N/A

Passengers: 417

Cargo: N/A

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