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USS Enterprise aircraft carrier (1960) High resolution picture

The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is an American aircraft carrier launched in 1960 and retired in 2012. When built, she was the first aircraft carrier that had installed nuclear propulsion and today she became the oldest warship in service in the US Navy. The USS Enterprise is also the only aircraft carrier that housed more than two nuclear reactors, having an eight-reactor propulsion design, with each reactor taking the place of one of the conventional boilers in earlier constructions. Besides, she is the only aircraft carrier fitted with four rudders, two more than other classes, and features a more cruiser-like hull. All the armament installed is of the CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) type, defending the ship against incoming antiship missiles.

The illustration shows how the USS Enterprise was in 1969. The distinctive turret - which was later modified - took its appearance from the experimental SCANFAR phased arrays, which were installed as well in the not less distinctive missile cruiser USS Long Beach. The technological limitations of these radars prevented them from being installed in any other warships and the AEGIS system successfully took its place. In the picture it can be seen as well a Vought F-8 Crusader fighter nearing take-off position and an E-2C Hawkeye early warning aircraft in one of the elevators; and next to it, the arresting gears used for normal landings and the barricade webbing used for emergency landings.

Class: Enterprise (1 unit - Enterprise)

Type: Aircraft carrier

Length: 335.9 meters

Beam: 76.8 meters

Draught: 10.8 meters

Displacement (standard): 76900 tonnes

Propulsion: 4 x shaft, 4 x steam turbine Westinghouse, 8 x nuclear reactor Westinghouse A2W 150 megawatt, 280000 horsepower

Speed: 33.5 knots (62 kilometers/hour)

Range: 13-25 years of use, depending on installed reactors

Complement: 3100 of naval crew, 2400 of air wing

Armament (as built): 2 x RIM-7 Sea Sparrow short-range surface-to-air missile launcher

Armament (later): 2 x RIM-7 Sea Sparrow short-range surface-to-air missile launcher, 2 x Phalanx CIWS, 2 x RIM-116 RAM surface-to-air missile launcher

Aircraft: Between 60 and 90 of several types (fighters, close air support, early warning and helicopters)

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