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Kashin class missile destroyer (1960-1971) High resolution picture

The Soviet destroyers of the Kashin class, launched between 1960 and 1971, were conceived as multipurpose units with good antiaircraft and antisubmarine capabilities. The most notable progress of the design was the propulsion plant based in gas turbines. Four of these, of 24000 horsepower each, were installed with the exhausts in two pairs of angled stacks to keep the radars clean of gases. Very successful in its time, the Kashin project provided an invaluable operative experience specially regarding the new propulsion system.

The ships of the Kashin class were also the first Soviet ships designed to be closed down for nuclear fallout and they had the operations room deep inside the ship instead of a large bridge. They were provided with a flight deck for an antisubmarine helicopter but lacked hangar. The five ships built for the Indian Navy were modifications fitted with hangar in place of the rear turret and surface-to-air missile launcher. The illustration shows a Kashin class destroyer with the original configuration of the early 1960s; later units were fitted with radars Big Net and Head Net C instead of the two Head Net A displayed here.

Kashin class: 25 units - Soviet Navy: Komsomolets Ukrainy, Krasny Kavkaz, Krasny Krym, Obraztsovy, Odarenny, Ognevoy, Otvazhny, Provorny, Reshitelny, Sderzhanny, Skory, Slavny, Smely, Smetlivy, Smyshleny, Soobrazitelny, Sposobny, Steregushchy, Strogiy, Stroyny; Indian Navy: Rajput, Rana, Ranjit, Ranvir, Ranvijay

Type: Missile destroyer

Length: 143 meters

Beam: 16 meters

Draught: 5 meters

Displacement (standard): 3750 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 4 x gas turbine M8E, 96000 horsepower

Speed: 38 knots (70.3 kilometers/hour)

Range: 3500 nautical miles (6482 kilometers) at 18 knots

Complement: 266-320

Armament (initial): 2 x AK-726 twin 76-millimeter dual-purpose cannon, 2 x twin SA-N-1 surface-to-air missile launcher, 2 x RBU-6000 antisubmarine mortar, 2 x RBU-1000 antisubmarine mortar, 1 x quintuple 533-millimeter antisubmarine torpedo launcher

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