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Leningrad class destroyer (1933-1939) High resolution picture

The Soviet destroyers of the Leningrad class, launched between 1933 and 1939, were unsuccessful ships. Too many hopes had been deposited in ships of excessively short displacement based in the French "superdestroyers", and they soon succumbed to battle damage. The 130-millimeter turret installed between the bridge and the fore funnel was poorly placed causing limited firing arcs, and the excessive concentration of weight in the fore part caused poor maneuverability. These ships were even worse than those of the Gnevny class. The Moskva and Kharkov were sunk during the war and the others were scrapped between 1950 and 1960.

Note: there is a mistake in the picture that displays triple torpedo launchers instead of quadruple ones.

Leningrad class: 6 units - Baku, Kharkov, Leningrad, Minsk, Moskva, Tbilisi

Type: Destroyer

Length: 127.5 meters

Beam: 12.7 meters

Draught: 4.1 meters

Displacement (standard): 2260 tonnes

Propulsion: 3 x shaft, 3 x steam turbine, 3 x boiler, 66000 horsepower

Speed: 36 knots (66.7 kilometers/hour)

Range: 1770 nautical miles (3278 kilometers) at 20 knots

Fuel: 610 tonnes of petrol

Complement: 250

Armament: 5 x 130-millimeter 50-caliber cannon, 2 x 76.2-millimeter cannon, 2 x 45-millimeter cannon, 2 x antisubmarine projector, 8 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube, 68 x mine

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