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Moskva helicopter carrier missile cruiser (1965) High resolution picture

Moskva helicopter carrier missile cruiser (1965) High resolution picture

The helicopter carrier cruisers of the Moskva class entered service in 1967 and they were the predecessors of the larger and more polyvalent aircraft carrier cruisers of the Kiev class, which carried enhanced armament and air wing. The design of these warships was very characteristic and practical, with the wide flight deck - of about 80 meters in length and 35 meters in width - behind the tall superstructure allowing to operate comfortably with four helicopters at the same time. The flight deck was communicated with the hangar by means of two narrow elevators, with a third elevator inside the superstructure. There was space to accommodate eighteen Kamov Ka-25 antisubmarine helicopters or eight Mil Mi-8 transport helicopters. The wide beam of the hull granted a good stability, allowing to operate with the helicopters during very bad weather conditions.

On the other hand, the sharp fore deck was the "cruiser part" where the abundant armament was concentrated. This one included antiaircraft and antisubmarine weapons in the form of missiles, cannons and charges, but there were no antiship missiles for these ships were not intended to operate autonomously. The antisubmarine role was the most prominent one. There was a sonar integrated in the hull and the characteristic open stern allowed to operate a variable depth sonar. There were two antisubmarine mortars installed in the prow and immediately behind a twin launcher for long-range antisubmarine missiles. At each band amidships there was a pentuple launcher for antisubmarine torpedoes. Finally, the helicopters were provided with depth sonars and antisubmarine torpedoes.

Class: Moskva (2 units - Leningrad, Moskva)

Type: Helicopter carrier missile cruiser

Length: 196.6 meters

Beam: 35 meters

Draught: 7.6 meters

Displacement (standard): 14730 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x steam turbine, 4 x boiler, 100000 horsepower

Speed: 31 knots (57 kilometers/hour)

Range: 14000 nautical miles (25928 kilometers) at 12 knots

Complement: 850

Armament: 2 x twin SA-N-3 surface-to-air missile launcher, 2 x twin 57-millimeter dual-purpose cannon, 1 x twin SUW-N-1 antisubmarine missile launcher, 2 x RBU-6000 antisubmarine mortar, 2 x pentuple 533-millimeter torpedo launcher

Aircraft: 18 x Ka-25 antisubmarine helicopter or 8 x Mi-8 transport helicopter

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