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Platino coastal attack submarine (1941) High resolution picture

The Platino, launched in 1941, belonged to the Acciaio class (sometimes called Platino class because this was the first vessel to be launched) of coastal attack submarines built for the Italian Navy during that year 1941 and the early months of 1942. During the war she sank a British corvette, caused serious damaged to a steamship and shot down an antisubmarine patrol aircraft. After the Armistice, she was sent to Malta and transferred to Allied command, to later take part in training exercises. Disarmed after the war, she was scrapped in 1948. Another two units of the class survived the war: Nichelio, delivered to the Soviet Union in 1949, and Giada, which served with the Regia Marina until 1966.

The construction of these submarines provided a single hull flanked by side tanks, with a conning tower of lower profile to improve stability and reduce the chances of enemy detection, to which contributed as well a reduced noise signature of the machinery. It was installed an improved calculator for torpedo launching and, later, radio devices and radar localizators. These submarines were generally of satisfactory qualities, but a major part of them had a brief life. Some were sunk during their first mission, and thus it is not possible to make a right valoration of their performance.

Class: Acciaio/Platino (13 units - Acciaio, Alabastro, Argento, Asteria, Avorio, Bronzo, Cobalto, Giada, Granito, Nichelio, Platino, Porfido, Volframio)

Type: Coastal attack submarine

Length: 60.2 meters

Beam: 6.4 meters

Draught: 4.8 meters

Displacement (surfaced): 708 tonnes

Displacement (submerged): 864 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x Diesel engine 700 horsepower, 2 x electric motor 400 horsepower

Speed (surfaced): 14 knots (26 kilometers/hour)

Speed (submerged): 7.7 knots (14.3 kilometers/hour)

Range (surfaced): 2300 nautical miles (4260 kilometers) at 14 knots

Range (submerged): 80 nautical miles (148 kilometers) at 4 knots

Test depth: 80 meters

Complement: 45

Armament: 6 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube (4 at prow, 2 astern), 6 x torpedo reload, 1 x 100-millimeter 47-caliber deck cannon, 2 x 20-millimeter 70-caliber antiaircraft cannon

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