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Rio de Janeiro freighter ship (1957) High resolution picture

The Rio de Janeiro was a Swedish freighter ship, built in 1957 for the Johnson Line of Stockholm and which operated in the trade route between Sweden and South America. The Rio de Janeiro had three decks, a poop-deck and a long forecastle. Her hull was one of all-welding construction and which had two longitudinal bulkheads running from the second to the sixth hatch, crossing the whole engine room. The Rio de Janeiro and her sisters were extremely interesting vessels fitted with a then innovative crane concept. The illustration depicts the Rio de Janeiro as she was built, when she had ten 5-ton and two 7.5-ton electric cranes; later, when the ship was lengthened around 1969, a pair of cranes amidships was removed and replaced by a huge derrick mast to handle containers. Stowage capacity was 14000 cubic meters, of which 2800 were refrigerated. She had single and double cabins for eight passengers, the largest part of the crew cabins were individual and all of the lodgings were fitted with air conditioning.

Class: 7 units (Bahia Blanca, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Rosario, Santos)

Type: Freighter

Length: 149.50 meters

Beam: 19.20 meters

Draught: 8.53 meters

Gross tonnage: 10347 tonnes

Deadweight tonnage: 9000 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x Diesel engine, 12000 horsepower

Speed: 19 knots (35.2 kilometers/hour)

Range: N/A

Complement: N/A

Passengers: 8

Cargo: 14000 cubic meters

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