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Skoryy class destroyer (1949-1953) High resolution picture

The Soviet destroyers of the Skoryy class, built between 1949 and 1953, were developed from a project from 1937 with a modified hull and quintuple torpedo launchers instead of quadruple ones, whereas the main armament of two twin 130-millimeters mountings remained unchanged. 85 units were ordered of this fortunate project but the last 10 were cancelled in favor of improved projects. The Skoryy class was built in larger number than any other class of Soviet destroyers; several of them were transferred to other countries.

The modernized ships of the Skoryy class had improved antiaircraft and antisubmarine weapons and enhanced electronic equipment. They could be easily distinguished by their two tripod masts of similar size and the suppression of one of the torpedo launchers. These ships were decommissioned and scrapped between 1965 and 1984.

Skoryy class: 75 units including: Boyevoy, Burnyy, Ostryy, Otmenny, Skoryy, Svobodny, Veduschiy and Volevoy

Type: Destroyer

Length: 120.5 meters

Beam: 11.8 meters

Draught: 4.6 meters

Displacement (standard): 2640 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x steam turbine, 4 x boiler, 60000 horsepower

Speed: 33 knots (61.1 kilometers/hour)

Range: 3280 nautical miles (6074 kilometers) at 13 knots

Complement: 260

Armament (as built): 4 x 130-millimeter 50-caliber cannon, 2 x 85-millimeter 50-caliber cannon, 8 x 37-millimeter cannon, 4 x antisubmarine projector, 10 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube, 80 x mine

Armament (modernized): 4 x 130-millimeter 50-caliber cannon, 5 x 57-millimeter cannon, 2 x MBU-2500 antisubmarine mortar, 5 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube, 80 x mine

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