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Sovremennyy class missile destroyer (1978-1989) High resolution picture

Sovremennyy class missile destroyer (1978-1989) High resolution picture

The first of the Soviet destroyers of the Sovremennyy class was launched in 1978 and the last exponent of the initial project was launched in 1989. Subsequent modifications of the original project were built for the Russian and Chinese navies. Constructed in parallel to the antisubmarine destroyers of the Udaloy class, the ships of the Sovremennyy class were optimized for surface and aerial warfare. Unlike the previous ships of the Kashin class these were fitted with conventional steam turbines and high-pressure boilers that would allow for a great acceleration; however this propulsion plant resulted so troublesome that some ships of the class had to be retired from service.

Sovremennyy class: 21 units - Admiral Ushakov, Bespokoynyy, Bezboyaznennyy, Bezuprechnyy, Boyevoy, Burnyy, Bystryy, Gremyashchiy, Nastoychivyy, Ningbo, Okrylennyy, Osmotritelnyy, Otchayannyy, Otlichnyy, Rastoropnyy, Sovremennyy, Stoykiy, Taizhou, Vazhnyy, Vdumchivyy, Veduschiy

Type: Missile destroyer

Length: 156 meters

Beam: 17.3 meters

Draught: 6.5 meters

Displacement (full load): 7900 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x steam turbine, 4 x boiler, 110000 horsepower

Speed: 32 knots (59.2 kilometers/hour)

Range: 6500 nautical miles (12038 kilometers) at 20 knots

Complement: 320

Armament (initial design): 2 x quadruple SS-N-22 SSM launcher, 2 x SA-N-7 SAM launcher, 2 x AK-130 twin 130-millimeter 70-caliber DP cannon, 4 x AK-630 CIWS 30-millimeter cannon, 2 x RBU-1000 ASW mortar, 2 x twin 533-millimeter ASW torpedo launcher, 1 x Ka-25/27 ASW helicopter

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