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Taiho aircraft carrier (1943) High resolution picture

The Taiho, launched in 1943, can be considered as the summit, in conceptual and technical terms, of the Japanese aircraft carrier production. She was built with thick waterline armor and with an armored flight deck, the first one in a Japanese carrier. Another novelty for a Japanese carrier and a right decision was the inclusion of the funnel within the superstructure of the isle. Representing a major departure in Japanese carrier design, she was expected not only to survive multiple bomb, torpedo or projectile hits but also to continue fighting effectively after suffering such attacks.

This, however, did not prevent her sinking in June 1944 during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, after being hit by a single torpedo launched from the submarine USS Albacore. This shaking fact was due to explosions resulting from design flaws and poor damage control. When the Taiho was sunk, she was not really in optimal operative conditions, due to her poorly trained crew. This showed once again that from theory to practice a whole world mediates.

This elegant aircraft carrier owed her silhouette to a passenger liner which in turn had been already designed to be easily reconverted as an aircraft carrier when the need arose. The Taiho presented an improved navigability over any of her predecessors, and she was equipped with the new 100-millimeter antiaircraft cannons, which were considered by the Japanese themselves as their best ones, and as well with some of the first radars that were installed in Japanese warships; these were air search radars covering a range of about 100-150 kilometers. Leaving apart the aforementioned deficiencies, we can say that the Taiho was called to be one of the finest aircraft carriers of her time.

Class: Taiho (1 unit - Taiho)

Type: Aircraft carrier

Length: 260.6 meters

Beam: 30 meters

Draught: 9.6 meters

Displacement (standard): 29770 tonnes

Propulsion: 4 x shaft, 4 x steam turbine Kampon, 8 x boiler Kampon, 160000 horsepower

Speed: 33.3 knots (61.7 kilometers/hour)

Range: 10000 nautical miles (19000 kilometers) at 18 knots

Fuel: 5790 tonnes of petrol

Complement: 1751

Armament: 12 x 100-millimeter 65-caliber cannon, 51 x 25-millimeter cannon

Armor: 55-152 millimeters in belt, 75-80 millimeters in upper deck, 32 millimeters in lower deck

Aircraft: 74

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