:: TYPE IXB (1939-1940) ::

Type IXB attack submarine U-107 (1940) High resolution picture

The Type IX was a large series (283 units in total) of German attack submarines launched between 1938 and 1944, designed for long-range operations. Because of this requirement of an increased operational range, these submarines suffered from some inferior tactical prestations; because of this the bulk of combat operations was carried by the smaller attack submarines of the Type VII. Still, the Type IX was a great design and these were the first German submarines built with a double hull, which increased their survivability and seaworthiness.

The variant IXB, which had a further extended operational range by carrying 166 tonnes of fuel, was the most successful one, averaging over 100000 tonnes sunk per unit. To this variant belonged the U-107 depicted in the illustration, armed with one 105-millimeter deck cannon, one 37-millimeter deck antiaircraft cannon and one 20-millimeter antiaircraft cannon. The U-107 operated off Freetown (Sierra Leone) under the command of Gunther Hessler, who had the most successful single-mission record of the Second World War, with almost 100000 tonnes sunk.

Type IXB: 14 units (U-64, U-65, U-103, U-104, U-105, U-106, U-107, U-108, U-109, U-110, U-111, U-122, U-123, U-124)

Type: Attack submarine

Length: 76.5 meters

Beam: 6.8 meters

Draught: 4.7 meters

Displacement (surfaced): 1051 tonnes

Displacement (submerged): 1178 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x Diesel engine 2200 horsepower, 2 x electric motor 500 horsepower, 248 x battery cell 33 MAL 800 18320 amperes/hour

Speed (surfaced): 18.2 knots (33.7 kilometers/hour)

Speed (submerged): 7.3 knots (13.5 kilometers/hour)

Range (surfaced): 8700 nautical miles (16100 kilometers) at 10 knots

Range (submerged): 64 nautical miles (119 kilometers) at 4 knots

Fuel: 166 tonnes of petrol

Test depth: 230 meters

Complement: 48-56

Armament: 6 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube (4 at prow, 2 astern), 22 x torpedo reload or 42 x mine, 1 x 105-millimeter deck cannon, diverse antiaircraft configuration with 20, 30 and 37-millimeter cannons

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