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Type VIIC attack submarine (1940-1944) High resolution picture

The Type VIIC, with 568 units completed, was the largest series of German attack submarines built during the Second World War, starting its production in 1940 and lasting until the late 1944. The variant VIIC was similar to the variants VIIA and VIIB, but incorporated a new sonar, a faster immersion system, new electric motors and improved air compressors. In 1944 some units started to be equipped with snorkel. Some units were fitted with multiple 20-millimeter antiaircraft cannons (two single, one quadruple). Electronic equipment included a Such-Gerat active sonar (discontinued in 1941), a FuMO 29/30 radar (from 1942/43 onwards) and a FuMO 61 "Hohentwiel" U radar (installed only in a part of the units produced).

The variant C/41 had a stronger pressure hull to allow for an increased operational depth; the increased displacement was compensated with lighter batteries. The variant C/42 was an unrealized project which aimed for a further increased operational depth (achieved at the expenses of an increased thickness on the pressure hull), additional fuel capacity (achieved at the expenses of a larger hull) and increased speed; the project was finally cancelled in favor of the new Type XXI. The VIID was a minelayer variant, ten meters longer and provided with five compartments for three mines each. Of the same length, the VIIF was a logistic variant able to transport 25 torpedoes to supply the other vessels during navigation.

Type VIIC: 568 units

Type: Attack submarine

Length: 67.1 meters

Beam: 6.2 meters

Draught: 4.7 meters

Displacement (surfaced): 769 tonnes

Displacement (submerged): 871 tonnes

Propulsion: 2 x shaft, 2 x Diesel engine 1600 horsepower, 2 x electric motor 375 horsepower, 124 x battery cell 33 MAL 800 9160 amperes/hour

Speed (surfaced): 17.7 knots (32.8 kilometers/hour)

Speed (submerged): 7.6 knots (14.1 kilometers/hour)

Range (surfaced): 8500 nautical miles (15700 kilometers) at 10 knots

Range (submerged): 80 nautical miles (150 kilometers) at 4 knots

Test depth: 230 meters

Complement: 44-52

Armament: 5 x 533-millimeter torpedo tube (4 at prow, 1 astern), 14 x torpedo or 26 x TMA mine or 39 x TMB mine, 1 x 88-millimeter deck cannon, diverse antiaircraft configuration with 20, 30 and 37-millimeter cannons

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