After several years of improvements, dreadnought battleships consolidated into their definitive form, which is known as "super-dreadnought". The definition of what a super-dreadnought really was may be vague, but we can consider as such any battleship conceived during the years of the First World War, or immediately previous, whose main armament had a caliber of at least 343 millimeters. Super-dreadnought battleships, after being modernized, were widely used during the Second World War, to the point that during the whole war in the Imperial Japanese Navy every battleship was a super-dreadnought with the only exception of the Yamato and her sister Musashi.

USS Tennessee battleship

American battleship USS TENNESSEE in 1943

USS New York battleship

American battleship USS NEW YORK in 1918

HMS Iron Duke battleship

British battleship HMS IRON DUKE in 1919

HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship

British battleships of the QUEEN ELIZABETH CLASS in 1914 and afterwards

SMS Bayern battleship

German battleship SMS BAYERN in 1918

Mutsu battleship

Japanese battleship MUTSU in 1921

Hyuga battleship

Japanese battleship HYUGA in 1918

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