[1] Forecastle deck with ventilation gratings [2] Forecastle [3] Capstan for maneuvers [4] Waist deck with ventilation gratings [5] Quarterdeck [6] Cabin for the second in command and pilot officers [7] Poop deck [8] Cabin for the commander and officers [9] Box for signal flags [10] Chamber for officers [11] Cabin for the Admiral [12] Balcony (open balconies were common in English warships of the late 17th century) [13] Kitchen with exhaust tube through the forecastle deck [14] Middle gun deck with ventilation gratings [15] Cabins for officers (formed by bulkheads that were removed before entering combat to clear the deck) [16] Rudder's tiller [17] Chamber for volunteers and officers of the Army [18] Bitts for the anchor cables [19] Lower gun deck [20] Capstan for weighing anchors [21] Capstan for maneuvers [22] Powder magazine and rudder's tiller [23] Orlop (the deck area after the main mast was used as infirmary and combat hospital) [24 and 25] Bilge pumps [26] Hold [27] Struts for supporting the beams [28] Diagonal struts

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