[1] Helicopter pad [2] Elevator [3] Cargo ports for torpedo tubes [4] AK-630 CIWS mountings [5] AK-100 cannon mountings [6] Command post for helicopters [7] RBU-1000 and RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers [8] Fore command bridge [9] SA-N-4 SAM pop-up launchers [10] SS-N-19 SSM vertical launchers [11] SA-N-6 SAM vertical launchers [12] SS-N-14 ASW/SSM twin launcher [13] Decoy launchers [14] Surveillance radars

When she was commissioned in the last days of 1980, the nuclear-powered Kirov was the largest missile cruiser ever built. She featured a unusually complex array of weapon systems which rendered her capable to operate under any circumstance and neutralize any type of military threat know, be it located on the land, on the sea, under the sea or in the air.

Note the following imprecisions in the drawing: 1) the aft number [7] corresponds to the RBU-1000 and the fore number [7] to the RBU-6000; the RBU-1000 mountings are noticeably smaller; 2) the torpedo/ASW missile launcher is not indicated; this one is covered by the elongated rectangular gate in the side of the hull, just beneath the position of the RBU-1000.

Specifications of Kirov atomic missile cruiser

Standard: 24000 tonnes
Full load: 28000 tonnes
Length: 248 meters (813 feet 7.77 inches)
Beam: 28 meters (91 feet 10.35 inches)
Draught: 8.8 meters (28 feet 10.45 inches)
Conventional boilers: 2
Nuclear reactors: 2 x 300 megawatt
Steam turbines: 2 x 75000 horsepower
Maximum: 33 knots (61.1 kilometers/hour)
Conventional: 3000 nautical miles (5556 kilometers) at 33 knots
Nuclear: 150000 nautical miles (277800 kilometers) at 25 knots
20 x SS-N-19 SSM launcher
1 x SS-N-14 ASW twin launcher
2 x SA-N-4 SAM twin launcher
12 x SA-N-6 SAM launcher
2 x AK-100 100-millimeter DP cannon
8 x AK-630 30-millimeter CIWS cannon
1 x RBU-6000 ASW twelve-tube mortar
2 x RBU-1000 ASW six-tube mortar
2 x 533-millimeter ASW pentuple launcher
Helicopter: 3 x Ka-25/27 ASW
About 900

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