[1] Bowsprit sail [2] Fore sail [3] Main sail with two bonnets [4] Top sail [5] Mizzen sail [6] Leechline [7] Clewline [8] Clewline/leechline [9] Windlass [10] Hatch [11] Bilge pump [12] Ladder connecting the main deck with the quarterdeck [13] Sterncastle/poop deck

According to an ancient practical formula used by naval builders, the beam, lenght of the keel and length between stem and sternpost should keep the proportion 1:2:3. Knowing one of these dimensions would allow to estimate the actual proportions of the Santa Marķa, but only the tonnage and draught have been deduced. To depict a ship whose dimensions were close to the correct ones it was necessary to estimate the rest: length from stem to sternpost, 23.93 meters; length of the keel, 16.92 meters; beam, 7.92 meters; total sail area, about 325 square meters, of which about 200 correspond to the main sail and its two bonnets; complement, about 40.

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