[1] Bowsprit sail [2] Bowsprit topsail [3] Fore sail [4] Fore topsail [5] Fore topgallant sail [6] Fore royal sail [7] Main sail [8] Main topsail [9] Main topgallant sail [10] Main royal sail [11] Mizzen topsail [12] Mizzen topgallant sail [13] Mizzen (lateen) sail [14] Topmast of bowsprit topsail [15] Fore stay [16] Fore topmast stay [17] Fore topgallant stay [18] Fore royal stay [19] Main stay [20] Main topmast stay [21] Main topgallant stay [22] Main royal stay [23] Mizzen stay [24] Mizzen topmast stay [25] Mizzen topgallant stay [26] Fairleads for the tacks [27] Bowsprit lashings [28] Fore stay collar [29] Clewline [30] Buntline [31] Bowlines [32] Leechline [33] Leechline [34] Royal tackle [35] Mizzen topping lift

The drawing depicts the rigging of the Sovereign of the Seas as it was in 1637, according to an engraving by John Payne. Note how the length of the top yard is roughly half that of the main yard, that of the topgallant yard is half that of the top yard and that of the royal yard is half that of the topgallant yard. Unlike other contemporary vessels, the Sovereign of the Seas had leechlines in the main topsail.

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