[1] Immersion tanks [2] Silent engine device [3] Aft fuel-oil tank [4] Walter turbine room [5] Diesel engine [6] Snorkel [7] Periscope [8] Conning tower [9] Torpedo room and crew quarters [10] Trimming tank [11] Lubricating oil tank [12] Regulation tank [13] Hydrogen-peroxide tank [14] Batteries [15] Fore fuel-oil tank [16] Commander's cabin [17] Hydrophone room [18] Radio room [19] Maneuver room [20] Side torpedo tubes (backward launchers)

The Type XXVI was a design, based around the new Walter turbine moved by hydrogen-peroxide, which never entered service. It has been said that this kind of fuel would render submarines to be one thousand times more expensive to operate.

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