[1] Mk 29 BPDMS missile launcher [2] Protected aft position [3] Rudder [4] Propeller [5] Crane [6] Crew quarters [7] Control of aft storage rooms [8] Crew tables [9] Crane's control center [10] Engine room [11] Control of storage rooms [12] Crew [13] Linking corridor [14] Storage room for diverse materials [15] Engine room [16] Generators' room [17] Elevators [18] Maintenance [19] Aviation storage room [20] Access to propeller shafts [21] Spare parts for aircraft [22] Aviation personnel [23] Tables of aviation personnel [24] Generators' control [25] Fuel for aircraft [26] Boats [27] Air surveillance radar SPS-49 [28] Position lights of the command bridge [29] Tacan [30] Auxiliary surface exploration radar [31] Air surveillance/missile tracking radar [32] Surface exploration radar SPS-10 [33] Three-dimensional air surveillance radar SPS-48 [34] Main flight control [35] Navigation bridge [36] Ship's command center [37] Flight control center [38] Ship's breakdown and safety control center [39] Aviation personnel [40] Radar control center [41] Nuclear propulsion equipment [42] Double bottom [43] Crew quarters [44] Spare parts for machinery [45] Engine room [46] Hangar [47] Sonar control center [48] Air conditioning facilities [49] Meeting rooms for the breakdown and safety control group [50] Pantry [51] Spare parts and ammunition for aircraft [52] Deck and reserves control [53] Take-off control [54] Firewall door [55] Crew resting area [56] Catapults' engine room [57] Workshops [58] Rooms for breakdown control meetings and crew quarters [59] Spare parts for aircraft/repairs [60] Ammunition depots [61] Sonar equipment [62] Catapults' protection and recovery [63] Liferafts [64] Radio antennas

The 3rd May 1975, the USS Nimitz entered service with the United States Navy, becoming the second nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the world. At the same time she was the largest existing warship, surpassing the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. With a crew of 6000 people, her library, supermarket and private radio and television stations, the USS Nimitz is truly a floating city, but one gifted with an exceptional warlike power, comprising an air wing of almost 90 aircraft, among which are the most modern models in service. The total cost to build the USS Nimitz reached 1881 millions of dollars.

Specifications of USS Nimitz aircraft carrier

Standard: 82900 tonnes
Full load: 91000 tonnes
Length: 332.9 meters (1092 feet 2.29 inches)
Beam: 76.8 meters (251 feet 11.61 inches)
Draught: 11.3 meters (37 feet 0.87 inches)
Nuclear reactors: 2 x 550 megawatt
Steam turbines: 4 x 70000 horsepower
Maximum: 33 knots (61.1 kilometers/hour)
As built: 810000-1025000 nautical miles (1.5-1.9 millions of kilometers)
3 x octuple BPDMS Sea Sparrow missile launcher
3 x Phalanx CIWS (after 1980)
Interceptor: 20 x F-14 Tomcat
Early warning (AEW): 3 x Hawkeye
Fighter-bomber: 20 x A-6E Intruder and 20 x F/A-18 Hornet
Antisubmarine (ASW): 10 x S-3A Viking
Helicopter: 6 x Sea King ASW
About 6000 persons, of which 40% belong to aviation personnel

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