[1] Sheet boom of the bonaventure mizzen sail [2] Bonaventure mizzen mast [3] Mizzen mast [4] Main mast [5] Fore mast [6] Bowsprit [7] Poop deck with tent [8] Quarterdeck with cannons mounted on supports [9] Post with pulleys to lift the main yard (it is possible that two posts were placed transversally) [10] Hatch [11] Main deck [12] Lower deck [13] Mast's socket [14] Hold

In the depiction of this Venetian carrack the following dimensions were set: length from stem to sternpost, 30 meters; length of the keel, 21 meters; beam, 10 meters; distance from the parapet of the waist amidships to the lower face of the keel, 6.55 meters.

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