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Displacement calculator

This program effectuates an estimation of the displacement of a ship based in some basic measures and estimated coefficients.

About Hydrodynamical Profile: High (hull narrows gently from amidships to ends, as in average military ships); Medium (hull sides run straight on a large part of the hull, as in ocean liners, cruise ships or some capital ships); Low (hull sides run straight on a very large part of the hull, as in tankers or freighters).

About Cross Section Shape: Ogival (as in galleys, drakkars or competition ships); Paunchy (as in carracks, gallions or ships of the line); Squarish (as in armored ships, ocean liners, cruise ships, tankers or freighters).

About Bow Shape: small bulbs are present in many modern warships; medium bulbs are present in cruise ships; large bulbs are present in modern tankers and freighters.

PHP application by Sakhalia Net Project

Length (at waterline, in meters):
Beam (at waterline, in meters):
Hydrodynamical profile:
Cross section shape (amidships):
Bow shape: