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Gross Register Tonnage to Displacement conversion

Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) measures the overall volume of a ship, but this measurement is usually used only for commercial ships such as ocean liners, cruise ships or freighters. A gross register tonne equals to 2.83 cubic meters. On the other hand, Displacement corresponds to the actual weight of a ship, this is, the weight of the volume of water that her hull displaces while on the sea (this is what the well-known principle of Archimedes states). Displacement is the measurement commonly used for military ships and only sometimes for commercial ships.

The relation between the Gross Register Tonnage of a given ship and her Displacement may be deducted from the characteristics of the design and the materials used. Since knowing and computing this information is not at the reach of the common people, an empirical approach can be used instead by relying in the GRT and Displacement data of historical ships.

This simple program has been made for calculating the displacement values of ocean liners and cruise ships. As these ships have progressed across the 20th century, just by looking at simple data it became obvious that the materials used in their construction have been made increasingly lighter. The goal has been simply to get the largest volume with the smallest weight.

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