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Capital Ship Combat Power Rating

This program calculates a simple estimation of the combat effectiveness of a given capital ship against other similar warships. The program evaluates the artillery batteries and the main armor components and determines a veredict for both long and short range engagements. The algorithm takes into account the following parameters:

For offensive rating: number of guns, caliber, muzzle speed and rate of fire for each artillery battery (if its caliber is at least 75 millimeters).

For defensive rating: thickness (maximum), angle and average quality for steel plates used in main belt, main deck, barbettes, main turrets face and conning tower.

Below there is a list showing the values for some historical capital ships. The higher the number, the higher the effectiveness of a capital ship to inflict damage in other ships as well as to withstand impacts inflicted by enemy naval guns. When calculating short-range effectiveness the whole antiship artillery - and not only the main armament - is included in the computing, deck armor is ignored and slopes with positive angles do not have a penalty in their effectiveness.

Battleship Yamato (1945)
Overall rating: 384
Offensive rating: 102
Defensive rating: 282
Battleship Iowa (1943)
Overall rating: 351
Offensive rating: 89
Defensive rating: 262
Battleship Richelieu (1940)
Overall rating: 302
Offensive rating: 68
Defensive rating: 234
Battleship Bismarck (1941)
Overall rating: 293
Offensive rating: 97
Defensive rating: 196
Battleship Nelson (1942)
Overall rating: 288
Offensive rating: 69
Defensive rating: 219
Battlecruiser Scharnhorst (1940)
Overall rating: 277
Offensive rating: 86
Defensive rating: 191
Battleship Bayern (1917)
Overall rating: 277
Offensive rating: 94
Defensive rating: 183
Battleship Vittorio Veneto (1940)
Overall rating: 255
Offensive rating: 57
Defensive rating: 198
Battleship Mutsu (1921)
Overall rating: 255
Offensive rating: 83
Defensive rating: 172
Battleship King George V (1940)
Overall rating: 243
Offensive rating: 75
Defensive rating: 168
Battleship Dunkerque (1935)
Overall rating: 243
Offensive rating: 52
Defensive rating: 191
Battleship New York (1918)
Overall rating: 222
Offensive rating: 59
Defensive rating: 163
Battlecruiser Hood (1941)
Overall rating: 219
Offensive rating: 65
Defensive rating: 154
Battleship Viribus Unitis (1912)
Overall rating: 210
Offensive rating: 53
Defensive rating: 157
Battleship Queen Elizabeth (1915)
Overall rating: 202
Offensive rating: 58
Defensive rating: 144
Battlecruiser Derfflinger (1914)
Overall rating: 202
Offensive rating: 62
Defensive rating: 140
Battleship Dreadnought (1906)
Overall rating: 179
Offensive rating: 46
Defensive rating: 133
Battleship King Edward VII (1905)
Overall rating: 165
Offensive rating: 17
Defensive rating: 148
Battleship Mississippi (1908)
Overall rating: 160
Offensive rating: 30
Defensive rating: 130
Battleship Charles Martel (1897)
Overall rating: 160
Offensive rating: 20
Defensive rating: 140
Battleship Kaiser Barbarossa (1901)
Overall rating: 152
Offensive rating: 19
Defensive rating: 133
Battleship Knyaz Suvorov (1904)
Overall rating: 128
Offensive rating: 17
Defensive rating: 111
Pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee (1939)
Overall rating: 113
Offensive rating: 42
Defensive rating: 71