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Essex aircraft carrier (1942)

Note: given dates correspond to the launching of the ship and not to the conditions portrayed in the image.

Source: World of Warships 3D models collection.

Class: Essex (24 units)

Type: Aircraft carrier

Length: 266 meters

Beam: 45 meters

Draught: 8.7 meters

Displacement (standard): 27100 tonnes

Propulsion: 4 shaft steam turbines, 150000 horsepower

Speed: 33 knots (61 kilometers/hour)

Range: 20000 nautical miles (37000 kilometers) at 15 knots

Complement: 2600

Armament: 12 x 127-millimeter (38 calibers) cannon, 32 x 40-millimeter cannon, 46 x 20-millimeter cannon

Armor: 60-100 millimeters in belt, 100 millimeters in bulkheads, 40 millimeters in hangar and armored deck, 40 millimeters in top and sides of pilot house, 60 millimeters in top of steering gear

Aircraft carried: 90-100