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Cookies Policy

The cookies used in this website, managed by third-party entities (Google, Facebook), are intended to personalize the content of the advertising, to offer social media functions and to analize the traffic. Besides, information on how the visitors use this particular website is shared with the advertising, social media and traffic analysis partners of the aforementioned entities.

The rest of the website (part created, administered and owned by the proprietor) does not make use of any particular cookie to track visitors' activity, and only those temporary cookies automatically created by the browsers, to allow the usage of typical internet functions (such as forms), currently exist within this particular environment. The usage of this website implies full and unreserved acceptance of every of the aforementioned cookies, so if the visitor/user does not agree with these conditions, he/she should not use and/or access this website.

About Cookies

Cookies are small data files that are generated on a client computer in correspondence to certain activities. They send information from the user's computer without providing references that could allow to deduce personal data from it. The user can configure the browser to notify or reject the installation of cookies sent by a website, often without detriment to the ability to access the content. However, we are not responsible if the deactivation impedes the smooth operation of the website for the user.

The user has the option of disabling cookies and avoid the advertising systems (Google Adsense) from creating a profile of his/her browsing activity, by visiting this link and selecting the desired disabling options.

This website is also using Google Analytics to gather basic information on how the users use the website. All the data served is generic and it never reveals particular sensible data such as IPs. For example, devices, browsers, search terms and local demographics are some of the data served, and also the sex of the users can be estimated according to browsing activity. In theory similar activity can be expected from social buttons (Facebook, Google +).

For some more details concerning the treatment of data in this website the user can refer to the Privacy Policy of this website, whose link is always found at the bottom of each page.