Historical models depicted in this page are from Italaerei (Italeri) 1978/79.

Jagdpanzer Elefant and Schwimmwagen

The crew of a Jagdpanzer Elefant while resupplying the vehicle with shells and fuel. The amphibious car Kfz 1/20 K2s Schwimmwagen has one MG 42 machine gun and on its rear part we can see the propeller, now in folded position.

Jagdpanzer Hetzer and Zundapp KS750

Amidst the debris on an East European city, next to a Jagdpanzer Hetzer, a German officer gives indications to a liaison rider mounted in a Zundapp KS750 motorcycle with sidecar.

Jagdpanzer Hetzer

The model of the Jagdpanzer Hetzer is filled with many interesting details, such as the replacement tracks, the tug cable, the shovel, the MP-40 machine gun, the helmet, the cylindric container of the reglementary gas mask or the remainings of camouflage meshes. Note the stereoscopic periscope on the top of the superstructure.

Panzer 38t

The Panzer 38t light tank, of common use on the German Army during the first stages of the war, was later reconverted into a series of tank destroyers equipped with powerful anti-tank guns, including the Jagdpanzer Hetzer. This was a very cost-effective means of providing material to the Army, and was possible because the chassis of the Panzer 38t was very reliable.

M4 Sherman and Willys Jeep

A group of US Marines on the operations theater of the Pacific, equipped with rifles and machetes, wait next to an M4 Sherman medium tank and a Willys Jeep, whilst a wounded comrade is assisted.

Sturmgeschutz IV and Kubelwagen

Next to a Sturmgeschutz IV anti-tank vehicle, a German commander and an officer are discussing some plans while a soldier, possibly the chouffeur of the Kubelwagen, waits for orders when the discussion is concluded. Note the Stg-44 assault rifle leaned on the table, the MG-42 machine gun and the numerous accessories placed on the superstructure of the tank and the panels that this one has installed on the sides to protect the suspension, the tracks and the very crew from the effects of anti-tank shaped charges.

US Paratroops

US Paratroops armed with Thompson sub-machine gun, including radio operator with iroquois-style hair cut, sheltering within barricades, jerrycans, bidons, sand bags and debris. Note the strips on the trousers to avoid friction between the legs.

ZIS-3 76,2-millimeter anti-tank gun

The German Army captured more than 1300 units of the ZIS-3 76,2-millimeter anti-tank cannon, which were used extensively after slight modifications. At the end of the war, this was the most numerous field gun on the Soviet Army, with over 103,000 exemplars produced.

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