Other World War Two models (of largely uncertain origin).

L2H 43 Krupp Protze

Scene during the late stages of the war: German soldiers and a L2H 43 Krupp Protze truck among the debris on an European town.

Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire was the British air superiority fighter par excellence during the Second World War and the first years of the Cold War, and was built in a long series of evolutive versions and variants beyond the end of the war.

U-Boat U-201
U-Boat U-201

The U-201 commanded by Adalbert Schnee can be seen, as she was in 1942 at her berthing in Brest, in the museum that the builder, Andrea Miniatures, has in a town near Madrid. On this very website it can be seen a section dedicated to this amazing diorama.


The Yamato and her twin Musashi were the flagships of the Imperial Japanese Navy and, besides being the largest battleships ever built, they were as well the only battleships designed and built from scratch in Japan after the First World War.

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