Next to the workshop transit a group of civilian workers hired by the Kriegsmarine, who after finishing their workday leave the docks led by a military chief. Some figures were transformed by using elements taken from other figures. These in particular were made from a metal base structure scabbled with a mini-drill, which was later modeled in detail by applying parts of modeling paste to imitate elements such as bags, clothes or caps.


The brick walls of the workshop were made of resin moulded in a silicone mold. The mold was created from a short stretch of brick texture engraved with an awl on a plaster plate; doing this way much effort and time was saved. Baseboards and buttresses were made out of textured PVC.

Dock street

The structure of the guardhouse was made out of plastic plates carefully textured and painted to resemble wood.


The abundance of elements, the proper texturing and painting, and the careful modeling and positioning of the figures is the key for achieving realism and naturalness in a composition which, like this one, is able to provide a glance to the daily activity of a military dock in the France occupied by the Germans.

Dock train
Dock train - Locomotive
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