Historical models depicted in this page are from Italaerei (Italeri) 1978/79.

Sturmgeschutz IV

The Sturmgeschutz IV assault tank, developed from the hull of the PzKpfw IV, was armed with the L/48 75-millimeter gun mounted in a fixed low-profile superstructure with increased protection. The StuG IV was one of the most successful designs on the wide lineage of German assault tanks and tank destroyers, and around 1100 units were built.

Jagdpanzer Elefant

The Jagdpanzer Elefant tank destroyer was a member of the "Tiger family" and one of the largest armored vehicles used during the war. Due to its weight, near to 70 tonnes, it had reduced speed, engine reliability and operational range, and because of this it was used for defensive purposes rather than for accompanying the tank assault battalions. Armed with the powerful L/71 88-millimeter gun (PaK 43), this tank excelled in ambushes, which were especially frequent during the late stages of the conflict.

M13/40 light tank

The M13/40 light tank, originating in Italy, was used by both German and Italian forces and later also by the Australians, who made good use of this model in their units in the African and Italian campaigns, despite its weak armor and 47-millimeter gun.

Semovente M40/41 assault tank

Throughout Africa, Russia and Italy the German and Italian forces used the Semovente M40/41 assault tank, equipped with a 75-millimeter gun and light armor, in their fast-moving light tank divisions.

Crusader III medium tank

Conceived at the outbreak of the war, the Crusader was one of the main British cruiser tanks and reached production of no less than 5000 units. It had remarkable cross-country capabilities and was armed with a 57-millimeter gun. But the negative angles on the turret can be considered a flaw on the design, for they are dangerous projectile traps.

Sherman M4 A1

The M4 Sherman in its many versions was the most widely used tank employed by the Allied forces during the war, and it remained in service in several armies many years after the war. More than 40000 exemplars were produced during the war, being the earlier versions rather weak against the German heavy tanks and powerful anti-tank guns. Later versions included reinforced armor and more powerful long-barreled guns.

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