Battleship Bismarck
The battleship Bismarck, jewel of the Kriegsmarine, was prosecuted and finally sunk by combined British war fleets when she was in route on the northern Atlantic, escorted by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, which escaped and survived the hunt. The Bismarck managed to sink the imposing battlecruiser HMS Hood during an encounter three days prior to the fatal outcome.

Gunther Prien returned to base
One of the happy returnings to base of Lieutenant Gunther Prien, turned into "ace" of the submariners thanks to the epic episode on Scapa Flow.

Stowage of torpedoes in a German submarine
One of the most important guests in a submarine: the torpedo. Before being hoisted aboard every torpedo was covered with fat to protect it from humidity.

German mariner watching onboard a U-Boot
A mariner on anti-aircraft service watches from the bridge of an U-Boot the sky sector assigned to him. The threat of anti-submarine aircraft fitted with electronic detection devices was ever increasing during the war and eventually ruined the German plans for a blockade of the maritime traffic towards England.

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