Italian field artillery piece
A group of Italian gunners emplace a field artillery piece in a protected position in the sector of Val Devol on the Greek-Albanian front. Despite the recommendations made by Hitler, Mussolini decided to start an offensive against Greece, but the Italian troops were soon forced to withdraw towards Albania.

Military chaplain
A military chaplain imparts the customary blessing to an Italian unit in the front. Behind him, inside the truck, there is a field altar.

German pioneers on assault
Three German pioneers assault an enemy position with the help of a flamethrower. The resistance found in Yugoslavia caused the delay of Operation Barbarossa, and this would contribute to the eventual failure of the immense campaign for the invasion of Russia.

German tank crew
The crews of a group of German panzers take advantage of a pause during the advance to resume the never ending card game, so many times interrupted.

Battleship Kilkis after being sunk
Greece bought from United States, in 1914, the two obsolete battleships of the Mississippi class; they were renamed as Kilkis and Lemnos. This photograph taken by a German observer shows the battleship Kilkis after being sunk in the docks of Salamina by Stuka dive bombers.

Italian sentinel next to Axis flags
This photograph from the Italian Ministry of Propaganda shows an Italian sentinel in Athens with the German, Greek and Italian flags on the background.

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