German soldiers during the invasion of France
German soldiers attack a French position with a small-caliber cannon.

French aircraft destroyed
French fighter aircraft destroyed in land during an attack performed by Stukas. The red aircraft on the foreground is an obsolete model from the First World War. The French Aviation was much less powerful than the Luftwaffe, either in numbers, quality of material and quality of training.

Filming the British retreat from Dunkirk
After the occupation of Dunkirk an operative of the German newsreel films the British retreat.

German offensive in France
German armored forces advance towards the south of France while facing minimal resistance. Before being swept away by the Wehrmacht and the Luftwaffe, the French Army had been considered the most powerful one on the world. But the events showed that these forces were not prepared at all for the modern war (the blitzkrieg) that Germany put into practice.

French heavy tank Char B
The heavy tank Char B was in service with the French Army when Germany invaded France. Albeit not exempt of flaws, this tank was robust enough to endure the encounters with the German panzers.

Burning fuel tanks in Paris
While the Germans arrive to Paris, numerous fires destroy the fuel tanks located in the periphery of the city.

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