German fighter Messerschmitt Me Bf 110
In a rare moment of calm, two German pilots converse under the nose of a Messerschmitt Me Bf 110 heavy fighter, in expectancy of being alerted for an incursion against the Soviet columns that now press on the very German boundaries.

American soldiers fighting on the Rhine
An American patrol fights within the ruins of a house on the Rhine riverbank, in March 1945.

German kid soldiers
The last call-up of Hitler were boys of fifteen - or even less - years who, wearing uniforms too large for their size, would be sent to their death to prolonge the agony of the "Reich of the Thousand Years".

American troops fighting on the Rhine
American troops are fighting on the industrial areas of the Rhine, while smoke generators conceal their movements to the German observers settled on the other side of the river.

Soviet flag in the conquest of Berlin
Among the photographs destined to immortalize the great victory of the Soviet Union in Berlin this is certainly the most famous one. The red flag of Communism waves upon the ruins of the Reichstag and a new era, not very bright either, begins for the countries of East Europe.

Prisoner of a concentration camp
A prisoner, who survived until the arrival of his liberators, looks amazed at the calcined remainings of bones extracted from a crematorium.

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