German coastal cannon in the English Channel
A German coastal cannon fires against an aircraft that flies at low altitude over the English Channel. Encouraged by Churchill, Operation Jubilee ended in a disaster for the British Expeditionary Force that in the summer of 1942 finally landed on the area of Dieppe in order to destroy its docks. The operation was also intended as a test for the future and much more successful Operation Overlord.

French peasants after German occupation
These French peasants work within the remains of the defeat (several British Bren Carrier), to whose presence have gotten used to.

Willys Jeep entering a C 47 Dakota transport airplane
A Willys Jeep car equipped with a radio transmitter gets onboard a C 47 Dakota transport aircraft during the preparations for the landings in Normandy. The white strips painted on the fuselage of the aircraft served as an identification for the aircraft taking part on the operations of the D Day.

LCT (Landing Craft Tank)
American soldiers and Jeeps have been loaded onboard a LCT (Landing Craft Tank) unit and are awaiting for the order of departure. Despite the scrupulous preparation of the D Day, the bad weather ruined the perfect organization, delaying several times the beginning of the operations, which finally took place on 6 June 1944.

British paratroopers flying towards Normandy
British paratroopers flying towards their drop zone. Soon the red light will be on and the soldiers will jump into the dark. Many of them are living the last moments of their lives.

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