M4 Sherman Tankdozer
The M4 Sherman was adapted to several tasks during the invasion of June 1944. This photograph shows the version known as Tankdozer M4, equipped with a bulldozer blade for removing obstacles and mines.

Mk VIII Cromwell cruiser tank
A column of British Mk VIII Cromwell cruiser tanks, manned by Canadians, in action in France. In the armored regiments, these tanks were usually used in conjuction with the more powerful Sherman Firefly in a ratio of three to one.

DUKW amphibious vehicle
Under the new strategy adopted by the Allies in France, in the summer of 1944 an American expeditionary force disembarked on the beaches of the Provence. In the photograph, some DUKW amphibious vehicles transport to the shore the first contingent of troops.

Abandoned artillery pieces in southern France
This photograph, taken near the town of Montelimar, where the rivers Yser and Rhone converge, shows the remainings of the battle lived there. After Marseilles and Tolon were conquered by the Allies, the American troops of the 6th Army Corps quickly evacuated the German resistance in the valley of the Rhone.

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