Landing Ship Tank prepared for Sicily
The Americans finalize the preparations for the amphibious landing in Sicily: a truck climbs on reverse the loading ramp of a Landing Ship Tank. As soon as this one reaches the beach, the gate will open and the vehicles transported will be ready to leave immediately.

Artillery emplacement in Sicily
The abandoned position of a German 88-millimeter cannon at half-slope on an abrupt terrain elevation in Sicily. The Allied amphibious landings in Sicily were the first assault against the European Fortress and would serve as a trial for the Operation Overlord, the amphibious landings in Normandy.

The port of Messina in ruins
The port of Messina, near the Maritime Station, as it appeared to the American vanguards of General Patton when they entered the city the 16th August 1943.

Town ruins in Sicily
A dramatic image of the war in Sicily: an elderly peasant sitting on the ruins of her dwelling.

Villa Feltrinelli
An American military policeman poses in front of Villa Feltrinelli, near Gargnano sul Garda, where Benito Mussolini had been housed after the Italian Armistice, under discreet vigilance from a detachment of the SS.

German 50-millimeter mortar
Two German soldiers support an anti-partisan operation with a 50-millimeter mortar. After the Italian Armistice of September 1943 the partisan activity grew and the German reprisals against partisans and civilians alike became frequent and harsh.

American medium tank M4 Sherman
The crew of an American medium tank M4 Sherman while ressuplying the vehicle with ammunitions. Trying to break the German Gustav Line with the aim of reaching Rome, the Allies had to fight hard and long battles on the strategic town of Cassino.

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