Browning heavy machine gun
The crewmen of an American half-track during a pause; one of them reads a pocketbook while others inspect the Browning heavy machine gun. Excessively self-confident about a quick victory, the Allied expeditionary force fighting at Anzio was close to be forced to reembark the troops.

Italian partisans parading in Bologna
A formation of partisans parading on the square Vittorio Emanuele in Bologna. Often these groups, following the German retreat, were the first ones in entering the freed cities.

German prisoners near Cassino
German soldiers, captured by the Allies in the front of Cassino the day after the battle, march towards the rearguard. War is over for them.

Gunner onboard an American heavy bomber B-17 Flying Fortress
A gunner sitting on the fore gun turret on a heavy bomber B-17 Flying Fortress. A Norden aiming device allowed these aircraft to drop their load of death with notable precision. The bombing of the monastery of Montecassino was a shameful action executed by the Allies, who justified this decision referring to an aboriginal fear from their indigenous troops of being constantly observed by the enemy from that elevated position.

German pioneers rebuilding a bridge
German pioneers working in the reconstruction of a railway bridge destroyed by the enemy aviation.

German pioneers rebuilding a bridge
While some pioneers of the Wehrmacht hurry to make transitable this pass on the eastern sector of the Gothic Line, the infantry strives to delay the enemy advance.

British soldiers training with flamethrower
British infantrymen from the 8th Army training with flamethrowers in anticipation of the imminent attack against the Gothic Line, the last stronghold of the German Army in Italy.

German prisoners in Italy
One of the many classification camps for German prisoners that emerged in the immediate rearguard of the American lines.

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