Italian fighter Fiat G 50 and cargo ship
An Italian fighter Fiat G 50 flies over a cargo ship belonging to a convoy. During the late 1941, the sinking of Italian convoys was increasing dramatically and this caused serious troubles to the Afrika Korps, which saw its fulminant advance towards Egypt very compromised due to the lack of supplies.

Macchi 202
A ground operator gives the last indications to the pilot of an Italian fighter Macchi 202 that is about to take off. The Regia Marina obtained the first positive results against the Royal Navy only when it finally established an efective collaboration with the aviation.

Italian freighter in the Mediterranean
An Italian freighter in toute towards North Africa. The difficulty of supply across the Mediterranean notably harmed the possibilities of Germans and Italians in the desert.

British O-class submarine
A British O-class submarine photographed from an aircraft shortly before her departure. Used properly, the Enigma encoder used by the Germans would have been virtually unbreakable, but in practice shortcomings in operation allowed the British to decode the codified messages. Germans and Italians, ignoring this reality, pointed to treachery as the cause of the critical situation that Italian convoys were suffering.

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