American soldiers in New Guinea
American infantry soldiers advance cautiously in the jungle of New Guinea. The Japanese, experts on the natural environment, were always fearsome adversaries, however being forced to stay on the defensive.

American conquest in the Marshall Islands
Next to the remainings of a destroyed enemy aircraft, the stars and bars flag waves, after long and very hard combats, on an atoll of the Marshall Islands.

American fighter F6F Hellcat
The specialists onboard an aircraft carrier prepare an F6F Hellcat for flight. While in United States the factories produced massive amounts of weaponry, the Japanese war industry was already in crisis.

Naval anti-aircraft artillery
The anti-aircraft artillery onboard an American warship aims to a Japanese formation that approachs, waiting for the moment when the enemy aircraft is within effective range of fire. On the fighting for the conquest of the island of Saipan, the Japanese fleet was defeated again.

American destroyers in the Pacific
A column of American destroyers are about to fire against a formation of Japanese aircraft. The Battle of Leyte, which had the objective of returning the Philippines to American hands, was the largest naval battle on History. And it was during this battle that kamikaze attacks were seen for the first time.

American fighters F6F Hellcat onboard USS Monterrey
On the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Monterrey a multitude of specialists prepare the F6F Hellcat fighters for entering into action. Two of the aircraft have already started their powerful radial engines.

Japanese pilots revering the Emperor
Japanese kamikaze pilots performing a reverence in direction to Tokyo before the last flight. There resided the Emperor, the incarnate divinity for whom the young suicidal pilots accepted to die.

American battleship USS Idaho
The battleship USS Idaho firing against the coasts of Okinawa in 1945. In the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa the Japanese made their last and desperate resistance against the expected American invasion. These were the hardest passages of the war in the Pacific and the Marines needed months to conquest these islands. After this horrific experience the Government of United States discarded any attempt to launch an invasion of the metropolitan territory of Japan, taking instead the opportunity of launching two atomic bombs over it.

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