Amphibious landing in Okinawa
The American landing craft approach the beach on the island of Okinawa. In the operation, which at first seemed of easy development, took part more than half a million men. Okinawa was of so great importance because it was the last outpost of the Japanese metropolitan territory.

Atomic explosion of Hiroshima
In the morning of the 6th August 1945, a terrible explosion produced this mushroom-shaped cloud over the city of Hiroshima. It was the first nuclear attack on History, which instantly killed over 90000 people but also doomed to a slow agony many more persons that were affected by the radioactivity. Enemon Kawaguki, a patient who had been in the vicinity of both this explosion and the later of Nagasaki, died in 1957, being officially the victim number 163641.

Hiroshima destroyed after atomic explosion
The apocaliptic image of the center of Hiroshima turned into a immense desert of calcined and radiactive remains, ruins and debris, with the largest part of the houses razed to the ground.

Remainings of Japanese aircraft
The Imperial Japan, with its industry totally collapsed, has surrendered. Destroyed fighter aircraft, including the legendary "Zero" and the succeeding "Raiden", photographed in the airbase of Atsugi in November 1945.

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