German medium tank PzKpfw IV
A German medium tank Panzerkampfwagen IV of early type, armed with a short 75-millimeter cannon and capable of a maximum speed of 40 kilometers/hour. The PzKpfw IV was initially intended as a support tank for the infantry, while the smaller PzKpfw III would assume the anti-tank role. However, the production of this latter was discontinued in 1943, for it was too small to accommodate a turret large enough for a cannon of caliber above 50 millimeters. Because of this the PzKpfw IV replaced it in the anti-tank role, after being fitted with longer 75-millimeter cannons and stronger armor. The Pzkpfw IV was the workhorse of the panzerdivisions until the end of the conflict, remaining always a fearsome enemy.

German soldier filling jerricans
At full for the frontline. A German soldier fills with gasoline the countless jerrycans that will ensure the on-route supply of the motorized means.

Formation of German Ju 87 dive bombers
Grouped in staggered rows, a formation of German dive bombers Junkers Ju 87 flies towards its target.

German medium bomber Heinkel He 111
This propaganda photograph published in 1942 shows German personnel loading bombs on a medium bomber Heinkel He 111.

German medium bomber Heinkel He 111
German personnel loading bombs on a medium bomber Heinkel He 111. This aircraft ended its days of service as a transport airplane because of the enemy air superiority.

Flamethrower attack
A German soldier attacks an enemy fortified position with a flamethrower.

German tactical bomber Junkers Ju 88
Greeting for a Junkers Ju 88 that is taking off for a mission.

British mariners releasing depth charges
British mariners preparing depth charges onboard an escort vessel. The quick loading of the depth charge launchers required great caution and a careful team work.

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