German polyvalent aircraft Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor
The Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor was one of the largest aircraft operated by the Luftwaffe during the war. This polyvalent aircraft served as a commercial, transport or reconnaissance airplane, as well as a heavy bomber.

Amphibious landing maneuvers in Florida
American Marines during a simulated amphibious landing in Florida.

German heavy anti-aircraft cannon
German heavy anti-aircraft cannon operated by Hungarian troops.

Hungarian river gunboats in the Danube
Hungarian river gunboats on the Danube. Hitler had assigned to Hungary the task of supplying Germany during the whole duration of the war.

American dive bombers SBD Dauntless
A formation of American dive bombers SBD Dauntless flying under British roundels.

Machine guns for American fighter P-51 Mustang
A team of mechanics is ready to install in a fighter P-51 Mustang its firing armament, composed of six machine guns of caliber 12,7 millimeters. This aircraft was regarded as the best American interceptor of the Second World War.

American battleship USS Alabama
A beautiful view of the superstructure of the battleship USS Alabama, scalloped with anti-aircraft guns and crowned by the command bridge and an array of exploration and fire control radars. The electronic equipment of American warships was much more advanced than that found on the Japanese counterparts.

Destroyed city in China
During the Cairo Conference of November 1943 were studied, among others, the problems of the future of China, which at the moment was still a large battlefield, as it testifies this image of the old city of Tengchung, totally destroyed by the combats against the Japanese.

Forced labor in Poland
In a Polish train station, forced laborers from a neighboring concentration camp wait in the platforms the arrival of a convoy.

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