German fighter Messerschmitt Me 262
The Messerschmitt 262 was probably the most advanced aircraft of those that reached operational status during the Second World War. This formidable fighter was propelled by two turbojets that could impulse it at speeds close to 870 kilometers/hour, largely surpassing those of the the best piston-propeller fighters. Also notable was the very heavy armament of four 30-millimeter cannons, exceptional for an aircraft of its size. There existed as well a line of advanced electronic equipment available for the Me 262, which reached the maximum complexity in the night fight versions. These aircraft had only two cannons and a radar device in the nose, which had antennas that reduced the top speed about 60 kilometers/hour. The cockpit was different as well, for behind the pilot there was a radar operator.

Entrance of Auschwitz concentration camp
The entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp, in Poland, a former industrial complex eventually destined to serve as an extermination camp for the liquidation of Jews. The words on the gate are of atrocious irony: "Work makes you free".

Wire fence of Auschwitz concentration camp
The barbed wire fence in Auschwitz, through which a high-voltage current traveled. After the war the infamous camp was restored in honor and memory of the victims of the ruthless Nazi system.

Armored car used by Danish partisans
Armored car of artesanal construction that was used by partisans during the days of the liberation of Denmark. The car was exhibited in the Museum of Danish Resistance in Copenhagen.

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
The monument dedicated to the fallen in Pearl Harbor. It can be seen under water the silhouette of the battleship USS Arizona, sunk during the attack.

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